This is a note book for me, to write down things, I might want to put to use again later.
Maybe it helps you too.
  • Maintaining FreeBSD with its jails

    Update to new dot release

  • Accumulated power

    As my power source left somethings to be desired, I looked around for alternatives to my initial choice, the 9V block. My first intuition, fueled by YouTube Channels like Tom Stanton, who works a lot with them, was to use RC-Lithium Polymer Accumulators. They store great amounts of energy, they come in all shapes and sizes, I don’t need to throw them away after one use, so that’s an improvement.
    But their biggest advantage also is a disadvantage. The energy density.

  • 3D printed RC car

    I wanted to build a small RC car, just for kicks. My idea was to have a little platform to play around with different steering mechanisms and types.

  • Windows and Linux live in symbiosis

    Some time ago, something somewhere went wrong.

  • Zipping and caching output

    I wrote a picture collector, to gather the images, take at my sisters wedding.
    At some point in the tests I encountered a timeout caused by the zip files creation. It was too large, more precisely, it took to long, to compile the zip, before sending it off to the client. The advantage of having the zip archive on disk is, you don’t need to build it another time.
    The disadvantage on the other hand is, you need to have it ready, as soon, as someone asks for it.
    The logical reason was to create the archive on the fly.
    Et voila, it downloads like a charm.

  • Pagination with jekyll

    Getting Jekyll to page properly was more of an issue, than I thought it would be.
    First you add into the _config.yaml:

  • MySQL Provider for EF-Core

    Lately I wrote some software dealing with data, first it used MSSQL as a database server, to make it easier to access, I moved to MySQL. But the MySQL Connection Library from Oracle comes with some downsides.

  • Nginx, Dotnet and certbot

    The other day I wrote a small application to collect images from events. As I work in my day job with C# and entity framework, I gave it a shot and used it for this tool.
    The development was straight forward, as I knew it, the deployment was a little different.
    I never deployed a dotnet application to a linux machine, but it realy just was the installation of the dotnet runtime, and nginx.

  • Releasing Jekyll Posts by date.

    As Jekyll is a system to create static sites, releasing new content does not happen “on the fly” like in word press or other content management systems. Tipically these do some logic as they serve your request, that releases the new post, when it is due.
    These things don’t happen in jekyll, as you have your content as static html files, that won’t change over time, unless you update them.

  • Lessons learned while automating Jekyll Site Deployment

    Create your jekyll site: